Where we Stand
  • Require regular unannounced inspections, at least once a year,(and preferably more often) to ensure that children are safe and in a setting to promote their healthy development.
  • Require states to conduct an onsite inspection before granting a child care license. In 8 states, child care programs are licensed or regulated without conducting an onsite inspection first (Iowa, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and West Virginia).
  • Some states inspect child care programs only once every 5 or 10 years.
  • Require states to post inspection reports on the internet so that parents can be educated consumers in selecting child care for their children.
Issue Background

Regular inspections are a means of ensuring that children are cared for in settings that meet minimum health and safety requirements. Studies show:

•  Programs that are inspected more frequently are more likely to comply with state requirements.

•  Frequent, unannounced inspections, prevent providers from covering up violations, especially when there is a history of violations and/or sanctions or complaints.

•  Inspecting child care settings is associated with lower rates of accidents requiring medical attention.

•  Onsite guidance during and after inspections helps providers improve the level of care that they offer.

•  Inspections ensure that child care programs are accountable – they protect children, meet state standards, and identify programs to be closed in which children could be harmed.

Posting the results of inspections on the internet enables parents to be educated consumers when selecting child care for their children. Studies show that posting the results on the internet also improve the quality of the inspections, lead to greater inspector productivity (more inspections conducted) and lead to higher quality care.

Issue News
Learning curve Sep 9, 2013 - The Spokesman-Review Sept. 08--Each of the child care providers gathered in the backyard of Gib and Liz Kocherhans' north Spokane home has a story.